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someday. well, that day may be coming because today mayor richard. many daley announce head will not run for a seventh term. dean reynolds now on the end of an era in chicago politics. the daley era. >> today i'm announcing that i will not seek a seventh term as mayor of the city of chicago. >> reporter: with his family at his side, mayor richard daley says enough is enough. >> i've always believed that every person, especially public officials, must understand when it's time to move on. for me, that time is now. >> reporter: chicago has had a mayor daley for 43 of the last 55 years. richard daley the father for 22 followed by a brief intermission and then the son since 1989. >> he seems to be born to be mayor. it's the most significant event to happen in chicago politics and maybe the city since his father died. i. >> but they're not talking about gun violence. >> reporter: in six straight elections he was never seriously challenged and among the reasons was a penchant for giving city jobs to potential rivals. with a rubber-stamp city council he basically ran the city on his own. a surg
the shooting was out of an argument. >>> after 21 years in office, chicago mayor richard daley says he will not run for re-election next year. in a new conference yesterday, daley calls it a personal decision, that he's recently become, quote, increasingly comfortable in making. >> in the coming days, i know there will be some reflecting on my time as mayor. many of you will search to find what's behind my decision. it's simple. i've always bheefd that every person, especially public officials, must understand when it's time to move on. in the end, this is a personal decision. no more, no less. >> this will bring tend to a political dynasty that has ruled chicago for half a century. daley's announcement opens the door for a possible run by white house chief of staff rahm emanuel who has made no secret of his aim to run. in fact, he said he would like to run back in april for mayor of chicago. i hope major daley seeks selection. but if mayor daley doesn't, i would like to run for mayor for the city of chicago. that's always been an aspiration of mine. >>> crazy story in detroit where fi
a mayor of chicago named daley. that's about to change. richard daley stunned the political world today announcing he would not be running for re-election. his wife has battled cancer since '02. he said today the time has come to turn a page. >> in the coming days, i know there will be some reflecting on my time as mayor. many of you will search to find what's behind my decision. it's simple. i've always believed that every person, especially public officials, must understand when it's time to move on. for me, that time is now. >> chuck, the office of chicago mayor has always been larger than itself. it doesn't ever stop in chicago. so how does this have white house implications, his announcement, very personal announcement today? >> well, it is. the reason it has white house implications, the chief of staff, rahm emanuel, has made no secret that his lifelong ambition is to be mayor of chicago. he's been asked numerous times would he run for mayor of chicago? he's said he wants richard daley to run for re-election. but richard daley is now not running for re-election. here's what i can
saying we're having problem with the report. mayor daley is here talking about the city's budget deficit to the tune of $655 million. so we have not got a chance to get his reaction. some of these scathing remarks from jesse jackson jr. but we'll stick around here and see if he'll have a comment. let's listen to what jesse jackson jr. had to say. >> significant unemployment that is challenging many of our city. >> reporter: he has criticized mayor daley but today slammed rahm emanuel. >> he now has a record he has the run on. he will have to talk about those communities left behind. >> reporter: jackson and emanuel are mentioned as potential candidates for governor. but neither are in the race. president obama appeared to give e ran yule the blessing to go for office. saying he would be a great governor of chicago. jesse jackson had harsh words for the president as well. >> whether those tax breaks will put american people to work. they are not in the mood for more stimulus dollars. >> reporter: tonight mayor daley says he is focused on chicago's financial hole. he is part of three publi
. >> richard daley has been>> sim. it is time for me, it is time for chicago to move on. improving chicago has been the ongoing work of my life. i loved every minute of it. >> chicago loves mayor daley. for those of us in washington, when will rahm emanuel do? the president's chief of staff made no secret that he would like to be the mayor. can he do it? >> probably, but it will not be a cakewalk. lots of people will be running. he has not left a lot of friends outside of his immediate inner circle at the white house. he has managed to take off taketick off -- tick off more people, and has needlessly and gratuitously, hurt many people. they will not forget that. >> unions, hispanics, you name it, he has not set them. >> i do not hear a lot of talk from the white house saying we cannot spare him. >> it would not have been a surprise if he left after the first term. chiefs of staff in a modern warehouse do not last that long. it is an enormously high pressure job. for him and others to retire at the end of the first term would not have been a surprise. now with this opportunity, something that h
will replace chicago mayor richard daley. tuesday afternoon the mayor announced he would not seek re-election after 21 years in that office. >> i've always believed that every person, especially public officials, must understand when it's time to move on. for me, that time is now. >> mayor daley's decision could lead to a real shakeup inside the white house. president obama's staff rahm emanuel has been clear about wanting that job. emanuel a former illinois congressman said this on the show "charlie rose" back in april. >> i hope mayor daley seeks re-election. but if mayor daley doesn't, one day i would like to run for mayor of city of chicago. that has always been an inspiration of mine, even when i was in the house of representatives. >> lynn sweet is a columnist with lynn, some people say the way rahm emanuel worded to be mayor of chicago, if mayor daley doesn't want the job, it is something he would like to pursue. maybe he had some information saying the job may be available. what do you know? >> i know back then when rahm gave that interview, no one knew may
this money to survive or pay their rent or buy groceries. >> richard daley has been the mayor of chicago for many years, but he says it is time to go. >> it is time for me, it is time for macondo to move on. improving chicago has been the ongoing work of my life. i loved every minute of it. >> chicago has loved mayor daley. what will rahm emanuel do? he made no secret that he would like to be the mayor, despite his job now. can he do it? >> probably, but it will not be a cakewalk. lots of people will run. he has not left a lot of friends outside of his immediate circle in the white house. he has been able to tick off more people, needlessly, and gratuitously, hurt a lot of people. >> unions, blacks, latinos, liberals, he has managed to upset them. i do not hear talk from the white house saying we cannot spare him. >> it would not be a surprise if he left after the first term. chiefs of staff, particularly in a modern one house, do not stay on long. it is an enormously stressful job. for him to retire at the end of the year would not have been particularly surprising. this is something th
for the wealthy, but the timing of when it is done is important. >> richard daley has been mayor of chicago for as long as many people can remember. now he says it is time to go. >> simply put, it is time. it is time for me, time for chicago to move on. improving chicago has been the ongoing work of my life. i loved every minute of it. >> a question for those of us inside washington, what will rahm emanuel do? the chief of staff made no secret that he would like to be the mayor, despite his current job. can he do it? >> probably, but it will not be a cakewalk. lots of people are going to run. he has not left a lot of friends outside of his in the inner circle at the white house. he has managed to tick off more people, needlessly, gratuitously, has heard a lot of people. they will not forget that. >> unions, hispanics, blacks, -- you name it, he has offended them. i do not hear a lot from the white house saying that we can spare him. >> it would not have been a surprise if he left after the first term. chief of staff, particularly in a modern my house, does not last long. it is enormously hi
the dynamics of economic growth are changing. >> kirby daley, senior strategist, says the impact is already visible. he points out that the recent data show china has become the biggest trading partner for many asian countries. >> it's very difficult for japan at this time, and the reason is japan's fiscal situation that the government has gotten itself into is really a mess. japan's economy, the domestic economy, is having a hard time getting going with domestic consumption and its dependence on exports to the west is something what it has no control over. it has no power over. >> reporter: some say the change symbolizes not only china's rise but also a shift in the global economic and even political landscape. but daley is cautious, noting that japan's per capita gdp is still more than ten times china's, which is $3,600. he also says china faces other problems. >> the real problem there is sustainability. a lot of the exports from asian countries to china are reexported to the west. and the ability for the western countries to keep consuming and driving those exports is going to be limite
's long time political mayor, richard daley will leave office next year and rahm emanuel is angling to replace him. a lot of big names there. i want to begin tonight with a man you probably don't know but with whom you might have a lot in common. al quincell owns a blue-collar barber shop here in colly you um bus. he remembers casting a vote for dwight eisenhower. he's living in a state with double-digit unemployment. he talks of his frustration, the politicians in washington of both parties he says act like children. he worries a way of life is slipping away. >> you are sort of raised with the idea that the american dream is we'll always do better than our parents. and our kids will do better than us. >> those days are gone. >> they're gone? >> why do you think that? >> yeah. you keep going back to the diop situation, you keep working, dream, house, picket house. you've got to have work here. jobs that they are producing, our congressmen -- the jobs they are producing don't pay no money. >> the president will be here in ohio tomorrow, trying to convince al quincel and americans lik
's an exciting time in chicago. mayor daley has done an extraordinary job. there's a lot of work that remains to be done in chicago. a lot of names have been bantered about. people are gearing up and looking forward to a spirited contest. >> one of the names that has been speculated as been the white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel. you know him quite well. he said a long time ago if mayor daley stepped aside, it would be interested in the job. this morning, he got what you could consider at least a quasi endorsement from somebody that's still popular. >> i think he would be an excellent mayor. he is an excellent chief of staff. i think right now, as long as he's in the white house, he is critically focused on making sure we're creating jobs for families around the country and rebuilding our economy. and the one thing i have always been impressed with about rahm is when he has a job to do, he focuses on the job in front of him. so my expectation is he would make a decision after these midterm elections. he knows we have a lot of work to do. >> after the midterm elections but not too much t
of representatives. >> mayor richard daley is leaving the post, so the president will likely be looking for new cchief of staff to run the white house. >> running the city of chicago is a serious enterprise. he has not told me yet. as soon as he does, i am sure we will handle it. >> of hokie officers are leaving. david axelrod retires next year. then there's the obama economic team. larry summers is leaving. budget director peter orszag is gone. council of economic advisers chair christina romer is gone. >> the work that they do is difficult. they have been at it two years. >> only treasury secretary tim geithner remains and he is under fire. >> the economic team on the way out. >> five weeks before midterm elections. people are predicting big losses for democrats. the timing could not be more crucial. >>> the cia is intensifying missile attacks against militants in pakistan. they have heard of a new plan to target the multiple countries including the u.k., france, and germany. if 20 drawn strikes have been launched by the c.eia in the pat months. -- drone attacks. >>> 20 insurgents have been k
, thanks. >>> just ahead on the morning news -- chicago mayor richard daley calls it quits. >>> and a possible plea deal and a psychiatric evaluation for the world's most famous fed-up flight attendant. depression is a serious medical condition that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed. then...well, i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq®. pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18. do not take pristiq with maois. taking pristiq with nsaid pain reli
. >> he is political insider and tapped by mayor daley to hold various city posts over the years. wgn's robert jordan is here with more. >> right. you know, so many people are planning to run for mayor of chicago that their names could fill a small town phone book. some of them don't stand a chance and will fall by the wayside. but others like injury -- gary chico, chairman of the city colleges of chicago could go all the way. >> i'm running for mayor. i'm running for mayor. >> instead of an elaborate kick off party to make his mayoral intentions known, gary chico, a quiet political insider has decided to join the herd of mayoral hopefuls wanting to replace mayor richard daley. chico is putting together all of the elements to run an effective campaign. >> we put together already our campaign apparatus. we are busily collecting petitions. i might add there is a very excited response to our campaign. we are raising money at a very, very healthy rate. >> chico says he has spent years in city hall working with mayor daley which gives him a head start on the other candidates. he says he kn
to move on. >> sean: now that mayor daley is calling it quits will rahmbo leave washington to take the reins of the chicago corruption machine? imam rauf standing by his choice for the mosque at ground zero. actresspú÷÷ >> sean: rahm emanuel's time in the white house may be coming to an end. suspicion is swirling he may depart the sinking sthoeup run for mayor of chicago. >> one day i would like to run for mayor for the city of chicago that's been an aspiration even when i was in the house of representatives. >> sean: now the job is up for grabs. mayor daley shocked the political world yesterday by nunsing he will not run for reelection. his father preceded him as mayor and one or the other has run the city for much of the past 55 years. the daleys have done a bit to contribute to chicago's reputation as a hotbed of corruption. suspected that elderly daley helped schwinn the election in jfk's favor with the votes of more than a few dead people that race was died -- was decided with just 9,000 votes in illinois. a daley ally was convicted for trying to pack the payroll with campa
. >> simply put, it is time to move on. >> sean: now that mayor daley is calling it quits will rahmbo leave washington to take the reins of the chicago corruption machine? imam rauf standing by his choice for the mosque at ground zero. actress sidney penny, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> sean: rahm emanuel's time in the white house may be coming to an end. suspicion is swirling he may depart the sinking sthoeup run for mayor of chicago. >> one day i would like to run for mayor for the city of chicago that's been an aspiration even when i was in the house of representatives. >> sean: now the job is up for grabs
of staff is interested in succeeding mayor daley. but he is telling those around him to focus on federal business and avoid speculation. jackson, jr., has been quite open with his hopes to run chicago, too. in a statement this morning, jackson said both he and emanuel agreed that, quote, every possible contender should conduct their effort on the moral high ground. that means both are still seriously considering a run and one political analyst says that's no surprise. >> it is so wide open. i just think that if emanuel and jackson meet, fine. but everyone is meeting. everyone is trying to feel out the other person how serious they are. >> reporter: now green believes that with race and geography, likely factors in this mayoral election, he believes that all contenders should not daly on a decision. quite a few people have expressed interest in running but only two people at this point are definitely in. that state senator ricky henden as well as city clerk miguel del valle. live at city hall, nancy loo, wgn news. >>> classes have resumed at nichols middle school in killed himself with ex
games and jewelry taken from the home sometime on monday. >>> as mayor daley prepares to leave office, some say his police superintendent needs to leave, too. but the mayor giving jody weis vote of confidence following criticism of weis' meeting with chicago gang members. julian crews is live on the southwest side of the city with that story for us. >>> good afternoon. the superintendent of police says despite all of the speculation, that he has to remain focused on doing his job. now, at a dedication here at new calmica academy on the southwest side, mayor richard m. daley defended weis' performance and defended his superintendent saying that he is doing a good job. now the "sun-times" report says that weis knows his days are numbered. >> i don't know who is spreading that rumor. you get a lot of blah spread every day. this man came in and did the job that was necessary. in regards to another generation of young men and women in the police department and the caps program and everything else that he has done. he has done a very, very good job and i'm proud i appointed him. >> with sup
in office, chicago mayor richard daley says he will not run for reelectric next year. the stunning announcement yesterday opens the door for a possible run by white house chief of staff rahm emanuel who said in april it's, quote, no secret he'd like to run for mayor of chicago some day. >>> and the 33 men trapped a half mile underground in chile got a morale boost yesterday when rescuers dropped a miniature projector into the mine and it allowed them to watch their country's soccer team play a match against the ukraine. a little relief there. well, now here is your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opened at 10,340 after losing 107 points yesterday. the nas dak dropped 24 and the s&p dropped 12 points. taking a look at overseas trade, tokyo, the nikkei dropped 201 points and the hang seng shot down 312. traders returning to wall street yesterday were immediately greeted with fears of weakness in european banks and that all led to an unexpected down day. major lenders across the pond potentially misstated risks in debt. most analysts took the hit in stride
. residents have been giving plenty of input what they would like to see at the new stations. >>> mayor daley says he strongly believes foreign investors are onboard to build a high speed rail line downtown chicago. the mayor's pack from an over seas trip meeting with business ladyers china's industrial revolution is happening right now something we could learn from. >> you have to have a high speed train from the international airport downtown. what that would do rebuild our commercial market and hospitality industry. in 7 minutes they could get to downtown of it's unbelievable. >> etch with plenty of people interested in designing and building the high speed line mayor daley says figuring out the financial terms and agreements will take some time. >>> cut the state's budget deficit by selling the sell. that's a possibility according to one state lawmakers. michael bond wants lawmakers to reexamine the state's ownership state in u. s. cellular field. the lake county democrat is facing republican susie schmidt in the upcoming election. schmidt favors cutting programs and departments that a
of marijuana has been going into the air all day here in daley city. [ music ] the expo has everything for the. pipes of all shapes and sizes, growing materials and a security system that may more closely look like a giant bong. >> part one of -- and part two is. >> reporter: thousands came here to celebrate medicinal marijuana. >> i'm worried about the patients who need it. >> reporter: now a new poll shows that proposition 19 which would fully legalize marijuana is likely to pass in november with 49% of voters supporting it and 42% opposed. >> big differences by age. younger voters more supportive than older. >> reporter: surprisingly we talked to more who oppose proposition 19 here than support it. since i read it -- i sat down and read it i don't feel good about it. i think there are thing that need to be worked out. >> i think in the end it's bad for the grower and it's bad for the patient as well. it should be kept medical until we now how to regulate it. >> reporter: ron allen from the coalition came to argue against the measure. >> we clearly understand that addiction will
is going to run for mayor of chicago. that job has been held by richard daley for more than two years. but earlier this month daley announced he won't run again. peter rush is widely expected to fill the role of chief of staff on an interim basis. >>> this year, your tax forms won't innocent mail. the irs has decide -- won't be in the mail. the irs has decided to stop using the postal service because so many file online. the move will save about $10 million a year. people can still get paper forms on the irs website or at local libraries or post offices. >>> all right. on a hot day like this a lot of people trying to cool off with ice cream. the change ben & jerry's is now making to all of its products. >>> who would love some ice cream? this is definitely the day for it. another hot one expected. more triple-digit highs across the bay area. who is going to see triple- digit highs again today? i'll let you know coming up. ,, >>> see, i turn my back, you fire up the after burners. it's hot! >> i know. it is hot. it was really warm last night, too. a lot of people had difficulty sleep
from chicago mayor richard daley's decision to retire are shaking up the white house. chief of staff rahm emanuel has made no secret for months his desire to be mayor. it's his dream job. will he make the run? who will get his job? thanks to david axelrod who has his roots in the daley mayor's campaign with rahm emanuel when he was younger, i think he did six races for mayor daley. he was on "morning joe." >> he has the skill set and personality to be the big city mayor, the mayor of chicago. he loves the city. he spent his life there. he represented the city in congress obviously. but he's got a lot of responsibilities here. he's trying to work his way through all of that. we both were stunned frankly when we heard yesterday the mayor wasn't going to run. >> the timing isn't great because they likely will have to make a decision about rahm before the midterm elections where the logical decision or inflection point for changes would be after the midterms for making the change, maybe they could do an acting chief of staff. let's run through some names, john. tom klain, donilon, jarret
it comes to show off her afterschool matters program, maggie daley makes it happen. >> she talks about life after politics for the first family. >> reporter: there's a lot ahead for them. her husband announced he would not run for reelection. for years she's been gracefully battling breast cancer. today maggie steps in front of a camera to talk about a program that matters to her. teaching kids skills with bringing them arts. she makes it a priority after her duties as first lady are done. >> it's the largest in the country. nobody's doing anything like this. we have a point to prove. that is in chicago let's make this happen. >> reporter: dancing, singing and performing. little known commodities in chicago's inner city. it can all be found in maggie daley's after school matters program. she will always be a cheerleader for the project and has no plans to step away she says. after the last week's announcement of her husband stepping away from chicago city politics, she promises not to turn her back on the city. >> rich and i feel the city of chicago has welcomed us. and i know myself over t
rahm emanuel. what can you tell us about that? >> chicago mayor richard daley announced he will not seek re-election next year and cited personal reasons. his wife battled cancer for a number of years and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel's phone immediately lit up. emanuel said last april being chicago's mayor has always been an aspiration of mine even in the house of representatives. today, emanuel praised daley but said nothing about running but some of the associates say everyone was caught by surprise by the announcement. chief of staff generally serve two or three years before burning out. it's a tremendously demanding position. emanuel would be a strong candidate. he was elected for congressional district four times. the filing deadline is three weeks after an election that may change the balance of power in washington. no one will be surprised if emanuel tosses his hat in the race. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. obama administration today launched a program designed to assist homeowners who owe more on their property than their homes
grades. on the south side, judy wang, wgn news. >>> mayor daley was on hand for the first of three public hearings on how to balance next year's city budget. it's the mayor's last budget. city faces a deficit of more than $600 million but many of the people who turned out were urging the mayor to spend more money to beef up police protection. lengthen library hours and bring back the july 3 taste of chicago fireworks. a second public hearing will be held tonight at 7:00 at westinghouse college prep high school. >>> the feel of candidates has yet to be determined but already a poll on the mayor's race. the group we ask america polled 2300 chicago voters and it suggests rahm emanuel holds an early lead with 29% of the vote. sheriff tom dart is second with just over 13%. jesse jackson, jr., is right behind dart for third place. congressman luis gutierrez is fourth. in alderman gets more than 6%. >>> potential candidates for the race of chicago mayor are questioning rahm emanuel's credentials to run the city. emanuel served as congressman on the north side before heading to washington before
his post. but once chicago mayor richard daley announced he would not run for office again in chicago, speculation over emmanuel's departure grew even more since it was an office he had long tried to attain. he had interest in running for the mayor of chicago for years. now, with daley deciding not to run again that opens up the playing field for him to be able to throw his hat into the wring as well as many others would have been waiting. source is close to emmanuel say he has not made a final decision yet. apparently a big factor is the impact the campaign would have on his family would lives here in washington with him. should he leave, the president would have to apintd an interim chief of staff. one of the name that has been mentioned mostly has been pete rouse, somebody that has been a top -- one of his senior advisors. he was the former chief of staff when obama was in the senate. president obama has also publicly acknowledged the idea that rahm would be looking for run for mayor and even mentioned that he would have to start -- wo
father or mother of these ideas it is mayor daley in chicago who is on these things years and years ago. i went out there when i first became mayor, got so jealous going down michigan avenue i said we have to do something so we stole their greening director and brought her out here and tasked here with putting these plans together and i want to specifically acknowledge astrid and her hard work and collaborative effort with all of you as well. i'm excited about this. i'm proud of this. this is a special day for me. thank you for all the hard works. this crease jobs, increases -- this creates jobs, increases values of property and increases the likelihood that people will come down and stay longer. it creates a sense of identity and place so we can marked our neighborhoods so it doesn't look like anyplace, u.s.a. so everything has its own unique character. that is why we are celebrating and why i'm honored that all of you took the time to be here and work so hard to get us here. i have nothing more to say, thank good from your perspective, except again to say thank you and particularly to
at each other with new attack ads. >>> chicago mayor richard daley says he's done. doesn't want to run again. stunning news for the city he's led for six terms, 21 years. the democrat's wife is battling cancer and her health has deteriorated in recent months, but today at a press conference daley only cite personal reasons for his decision -- cited personal reasons for his decision. >> in the coming days i know there will be some reflecting on my time as mayor. many of you will search to find what's behind my decision. it's simple. i've always believed that every person, especially public officials, must understand when it's time to move on. for me that time is now. >> so who will replace him? talks swirling around white house chief of staff rahm emanuel who has often said he would like that post. emanuel praised daley's career but refused to say if he would consider a run. >>> the obama administration making plans to mark 9/11 nine years later. laura evans tonight. >> the president will spend part of the 9/11 anniversary at the pentagon, the second year in a row he will have spoken at
mayor richard m. daley is on the record supporting his police superintendent, but the mayor's recent decision to step aside leaves jody weis in limbo with his contract set to expire in a growing number of people clamoring for his resignation. >> some people better rise up to the occasion and start talking to mayor daley and say, listen what we are doing is not working. >> this isn't good for us and not for the citizens of chicago. >> we need to begin the search now for the new superintendent. this superintendent's contract is up on february 1. we shouldn't be wasting time until the last moment. >> harsh word for a vulnerable jody weis. embattled police superintendent is hearing it from all sides from chicago aldermen urging him to resign and from rank and file patrolmen. the superintendent is away from headquarters today but across -- a cross section of police officers hope to send a forceful message that he will hear loud and clear. >> in my opinion we need to get back to the football as mike dit key would say, get back to the basics. fundamentals of policing. >> reporter: even chic
>>> his plan was to terrorize chicagoans with bombs and to assassinate mayor daley. now lebanese immigrant in the northwest side is behind bars accused of plotting to kill thousands of people on a busy street in wrigleyville. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers here who are watching us around the country on wgn america. federal investigators have been watching hassoun for a year and a half. as wgn's jay miller reports, some of his albany park neighbors are stunned by the news after the arrest. >> reporter: people here in the 4700 block of north kedzie are in absolute shock. they say 22-year-old sami samir hassoun seemed like a normal guy. they say he was a nice guy. however, federal officials say he had a dark side and a deadly plan. one that included killing mayor daley. >> i was in shock. i could never expect that from him. he didn't look like that kind of a man. >>> eva works a few doors down from this man. 22-year-old sami samir hassoun who was arrested saturday in wrigleyville after allegedly plotting to set off a bomb as hundreds
living in emanuel's north side home has refused to budge. just six days before mayor daley announced his retirement, the tenant extended from december 1st of this year to june 2011 and the report suggests that emoon mule will not have a problem with residentsy, but an expert says you can bet it's going to be challenged. a vote on an ordinance aimed at making happy meals healthier has been postponed. the legislation would require fast food meals with toys to have fruits and vegetables and not have excessive calories, fat, sodium and sugar and mcdonald's franchise owners clam they already offer healthy options and this proposal would undermine parental choice and responsibility, even if the measure passes mayor gavin newsome indicated he'd veto it. finally former new york governor eliot spitzer's new colleagues at cnn took a lot of shots at the democrat back when he was infamous as client number nine in the prostitution scandal that forced him out of office. here is a small sample of what was said in march of 2008. anderson cooper, quote, it seems like eliot spitzer according to allegation
decade. more on the trib's investigation online and in friday's edition. >>> mayor daley leaves tomorrow for china and south korea looking for people to put their money into infrastructure in chicago. >> we need money in america. and i don't care where it goes as long as we can get it. so i'm going there for the purpose of -- think the chinese do have money -- in the working relationship with the chinese government and leaders to invest in the city of chicago. i make no bones about that. i will take money around the world if we can reinvest it in the city of chicago and rebuild our city. that's what we're doing. >> the trip sponsored by the chamber of commerce and world business chicago will last through next friday. >>> jesse jackson jr. isn't offering many deals with his meeting with rahm emanuel. they agreed whoever runs for mayor should conduct their campaign on a high moral ground. both are considering a run in what could be a crowded field. >> both talked about the need for civility in the race. they also talked about the fact the city's poor economic climate is something that real
this interview. >> reporter: or the day at city hall mayor daley caught her imitating him. >> i got behind the podium and started to mock mayor daley when he's upset and i'm throwing my hands around and he comes in and catches me. so he says this is what you do. >> gloria, get back to wgn real fast, please. >> reporter: but to truly appreciate gloria brown is to work with her every day. >> the moment gloria arrives, that's when the party starts. >> after 40 years in this building, she always has a smile. when she's in a bad mood, run for your life. >> you want to show me how to do this also? >> she came here as a newsroom secretary 40 years ago and worked her way up not just to business manager but award- winning producer. and did i tell you, she's crazy? [ laughter ] >> i really love my job. i really do. >> i quit. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> congratulations. >> reporter: and although she's never expressed an interest in any other career, mayor daley thinks he may have found a successor in gloria brown. >> oh, tom, we'll miss her, won't we? [ inaudible ] >> here's how much she loves h
. the mayor of chicago, richard daley says he will not be running against. he says it feels like the right time. i wonder what the feeling is. if it's a feeling of multiple phone calls from rahm emanuel. now the president's right hand man may take a play for the seat. take a listen to mr. a emanuel in tril saying a stint at chicago mayor is a jop he's always wanted. >> first of all, let me say it this way, i hope mayor daley seeks re-election. i will work to support him if he does not seek re-election. but if he doesn't, one day i would like to run for mayor of the city of chicago. that's always been an aspiration of mine. >> e annual said he was surprised by daley's decision. ari melburn and correspondent for the nation magazine. ari, is this a rahm built exit strategy we're looking at? >> well, no one knows, and i don't think anyone the the position to know is going to admit that publicly. obviously, rahm emanuel has a tough job that he, many people feel, has made tougher in the way that he's run it and the way he's chosen to be very bombastic. not only with opponents, but really with a
again despite his age and does not know why mayor daley would choose to, quote, abandon ship now. the 50th ward alderman is the oldest. he will be 83 in november. he is the second longest serving and vice mayor. stone says beginning in 2011 needs him especially because of mayor daley's decision to retire. he says next mayor will need guidance particularly from the finance committee on which stone serves. stone says he understands the mayor may want to retire due to personal reasons but the alderman believes city is in its worst state in years. this is his duty and responsibility to continue on. besides, stone says he would miss coming down here to city hall every day. he seen it all here. like back in '87 when stone was part of the infamous 29 which worked to oppose mayor washington. and joined republican party for a short time to run for a quarter of deeds. in 89 he unsuccessfully slawt the republican slating for mayor to run against riched of m. dale people the democrat again and has been photographed appearing to be asleep in council chambers. stone says he has to continue. >> a new m
. >> reporter: the idea of daley playing host is coptrary to his political image. he's famously fond of the "f" word. >> i don't know if he's irish but he knows how to speak his mind. that's a sense of transparency. you know what you're getting. >> reporter: while some see him as a -- >> you're going the find somebody who does. >> reporter: daley's new endeavor will put him on the other side of a city alcohol tax that he supports. >> four cents on a beer, five cents on a glass of wine. you know, if i was thinking, i would have brought a nickel. i've had two drinks. there's a dime. >> reporter: whether the rigors of a regular job will soften daley, is anyone's guess but he does have an idea. >> maybe where everybody does know your [ bleep ] name does have merit. >> now he hopes to hold fund-raisers and political action gathers. i bet you's eh's got a pretty good clientele. >> i think he will. i think he will. mr. jeff ranieri. blanking. mr. veggielution himself. you're not often, i can't even remember what's happening. >> reporter: i know. i miss you guys, too, but i'll bring you back vegetable
's overall performance. 57% disapprove of the way he is handling the economy. chicago mayor richard daley has presided over the nation's third largest city for the last 21 years. tonight he said, it that it. he will not run for a -- another term. he is 68 and has been thinking about not running for some time and has become comfortable with that decision. rahm emanuel once that job and it opens the door for him to run -- wants that job and it opens the door for him to run for mayor of chicago. nasa is designing a woys system -- a hoist system to lift up the minors that are trapped in south america. >> the first phase of a major expansion at the iceland to come apart. there are new administrative offices, a library and technology center. the school is also expanding its students and for the first time offering a senior class. it is known as an innovative works of the program that offsets tuition costs for low- income students. >> coming up, a recent verbal sparring between d.c. mayoral candidates as resulted in a physical scar among some of their supporters. -- a physical sparring among some of
daley says he won't run for re-election next year. daley is in his sixth term as mayor. he, along with his father, have run the windy city for 42 of the last 55 years. there's now intense speculation in washington that white house chief of staff rahm emanuel, who is from chicago, will run for the job. >>> a young killer whale at san diego seaworld theme park at died. park officials say that 12-year-old sumar had only showed signs of being ill on monday. officials say sumar was acting in a lethargic way. but they are investigating the cause of his death. the killer whale show will resume today. >>> time, now, for sports news this morning. here's adnan virk at espn news. >> good morning. the pennant race is continuing around major league baseball, including st. louis cardinals trying to catch the cincinnati reds in the n.l. central. they had their work cut out for them. down 4-2, facing trevor hoffman. top of the ninth. two outs for aaron miles. and miles to go before he sleeps. a milestone for trevor hoffman. the first player ever to record 600 career saves. the 42-year-old doing s
the crowded waters now that richard daley is stepping aside. she has been running a beverage company. if she succeeds in getting the nomination, it will be a big political come back. missteps and scandal blamed her single term in the senate. she was defeated in her re- election bid. due, in part, to the allegations of miss management. one was a trip. >> remember the trip she did not register. she never performed the state department. some could say this is local but those decision-making choices will come into play. >> you can only wave the flag for so long. >> she defended herself saying she achieved the highest security clearance in appointments to be an ambassador overseas after losing her seat in the senate. one thing pointed out, she will not have to spend a lot in trying to boost her name recognition. , she could be on on a long list of candidates. two other names mentioned are jesse jackson, jr. >> and his wife. and robert jordan is live where the jacksons were supposed to take part in a rally for jobs. >> reporter: right now i'm on the southeast side right near the lake. hind me is
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